Best Value Range
With powerful processors designed for setting up infrastructures in any environments

ServerCPUCores /Freq.ramSpaceTrafficPortIpLocationPrice
NS-SAT-1-8Intel Xeon X34504c/ 8t2.6 GHz8GB DDR32x 1 TB SATAUnmetered1Gbps1France$31.69/mOrder Now
NS-SAT-30-16Intel Xeon E3-1230 v24c/ 8t3.3 GHz16GB DDR32x 1 TB SATAUnmetered1Gbps1France$45.99/mOrder Now
NS-SAT-30-32Intel Xeon E3-1230 v34c/ 8t3.3 GHz32GB DDR32x 1 TB SATAUnmetered1Gbps1France$49.99/mOrder Now
NS-SAT-45-32Intel Xeon E3-1245 v34c/ 8t3.4 GHz32GB DDR32x 2 TB SATAUnmetered1Gbps1France$58.99/mOrder Now
NS-SAT-40-32Intel Xeon E5-1240 v34c/ 8t3.4 GHz32GB DDR32x 3 TB SATAUnmetered1Gbps1France$69.99/mOrder Now
NS-SAT-16-32Intel Xeon E5-1630 v34c/ 8t3.7 Ghz32GB DDR42x 2 TB SATAUnmetered1Gbps1France$74.99/mOrder Now
NS-SAT-50-32Intel Xeon E5- 16506c/ 12t3.2 Ghz32GB DDR32x 3 TB SATAUnmetered1Gbps1France$77.99/mOrder Now
NS-SAT-50-64Intel Xeon E5- 16506c/ 12t3.2 Ghz64GB DDR32x 3 TB SATAUnmetered1Gbps1France$88.99/mOrder Now
NS-SAT-E3-32Intel  Xeon E3-1225 v24c/ 8t3.2 Ghz32GB DDR33x 2 TB SATAUnmetered1Gbps1France$35.99/mOrder Now
NS-SSD-E3-24Intel  Xeon E3-1231 v34c/ 8t3.4 Ghz16GB DDR32x 240 GB SSDUnmetered1Gbps1France$56.99/mOrder Now
NS-SSD-I7-32Intel  I7-4790K4c/ 8t4.4 Ghz32GB DDR32x 240 GB SSDUnmetered1Gbps1France$62.99/mOrder Now
NS-SSD-E5-32Intel  Xeon E5-1630v36c/ 12t3.7 Ghz32GB DDR42480 GB SSDUnmetered1Gbps1France$86.99/mOrder Now


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Powerful Hardware
Digital resources and we focus on providing quality storage servers for our clients. Our All servers are located in France, Natherlands & Germany datacenter location.
1 GBPS Connection
Our All Dedicated Server Comes With Premium & Upto 10Gbits Port Network. you will experience blazing fast network