Details about seedbox Web Interface


The dashboard is a graphical user interface which provides a central location for you to keep an eye on server statisics, personal usage information and your services.

How to Access

The dashboard is available at the web root for the server you've been assigned to:

https://<IP address >

Put down given username and password in user credential




Application Links

On the left side of the dashboard, you'll find quick links to the currently installed applications on your slot. No need to remember the endpoints and ports yourself!

Server Statistics

The dashboard provides metrics for server load, CPU usage, and the current network metrics for upload and download speeds.

Personal Usage Statistics

You can find your disk quota and bandwidth quota here.

Service Management

You can see at a glance whether or not your services are currently running. You can also start and stop services directly from the panel, if you just need to quickly restart a service without SSHing into your slot.

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