Seedbox CLI Command

Box functions:

Command structure:

Box       option        file

List - list all available packages in the repo and a description, if available.

Usage: box list

 Install - installs a package from the script repository. Accepts one or more package.

Usage: box install package name

 Remove - removes an installed package. Accepts one or more package

Usage: box remove package name

 Add-user - add a new user. Define a single user with the command.

Usage: box adduser username

 Del-user - delete the specified user. Define a single user with the command.

Usage: box deluser username

 Change-passwd - changes the password for a user with the command.

Usage: box chpasswd username

 Panel - hook for panel scripts. At this time, fix-disk root and fix-disk home are the only


Usage: box panel fix-disk home

 rtx - starts the r(u)Torrent extras management interface (rtx alone will also do)

Usage: box rtx

 setdisk – configure disk space for specified user with cli

Usage: setdisk


Disk space (exp: 200GB)

Do not attempt to add decimals (.) in space settings,

Example - Good: 900GB OR 2TB, Example - Bad: 711.5GB OR 2.5TB

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