Why you need a seedbox?

A Seedbox is a private dedicated server used for the uploading and downloading of digital files, fast, very fast! If you ever downloaded files using torrents and has amazing download speeds, there are great chances you download them from a seedbox that uploaded these files to you.


Seedboxes are highly safe and secured. However, with Seedbox, all such problems automatically get eliminated. Seedbox prevents data hacking or data breaching by hiding the IP address from the hackers. No matter how strong the attacker is, he would not be able to recognize the IP address of the remote server.

Lack of time online:

Owning a Seedbox will enable you to download the files you want and leave it running. You can come back later to copy the files without having to be online and wait for your files to complete the download.

Multiplied Download and Upload Speed:

By using seedbox you can get fast download and upload speed.  So, in time where you download and install one film, you can download and install several movies. The seedbox will raise the uploading speed of your system. In a time, where you publish one flick because time you can publish a number of flicks with the assistance of seedbox. Consequently, you can upload during in fairly much less time as well as have much time for other jobs.

Increased Storage:

Seedbox provides you with increased storage also. The competition in the seedbox market is extremely high and also to beat their competitors in the competition, business are offering high storage room than their competitors. 

Your home Internet is untouched:

This liberates your residence link for well, more gushes, on-line video gaming, youtube, whatever! You’ll be able to safely turn off your computer system during the night without worrying about seeding. Your seedbox will certainly still be happily uploading 24/7.

VIP member in a private community:
In private communities, it is imperative that your ratio or standing should meet the standards since this is what’s giving you the privilege to be a member. Losing the ideal ratio or not meeting the prescribed target ratio would get you kicked out.
The easier way around: Increase and maintain your ratio through seeding torrents without having to be online all the time. And this can be done by downloading and seeding torrents in a seedbox.

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